Endings can be bloody; new beginnings fresh and appealing.

Yet, both can be scary to navigate. Here’s to the bleeding and beautiful willing to find a new way – you’re my kind of people!

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Intersections for Healing

A safe space where belief and brokenness contend with whole hearted living.

Meet Faith

Faith Allison is a Licensed and Ordained Minister, a certified (AACC, CCN) Biblical Counselor specializing in Crisis and Trauma. With over 20 years of experience, Faith is known for creating a safe place to face fears and hurts and finally experience freedom. Her passion and purpose meet at the intersection of bringing you hope and healing.

Personal Counseling

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your soul. Personal counseling focuses on helping you release pain, embrace hope and discover vision to move forward. This is a safe place where you will be seen, known and experience love. Available in person or online.








“My husband and I were facing the worst enemy – addiction and porn. Our lives were rapidly deteriorating into hatred and I didn’t know how I could ever respect him again. Faith helped us discover what true intimacy looks like and worked with us to figure out how to trust ourselves and each other again. She gave us resources, safe boundaries and worked with each of us to heal the hurts that for the most part were there before we even got married. My husband is a different man today and I am a different woman. We are still working on trust but we embrace that. If you are looking for someone to believe with you for what seems impossible than Faith will be a good fit for you. We are grateful for her love and commitment to us.”
~ Jess and Matt plus 2

“After a divorce, the death of my mother and a close friend’s death right after that, I was so broken and depressed I couldn’t work.

Honestly I wanted to die but my children needed me. I went to counseling with very little hope for change. Grief and rejection are a beast to tackle but with Faith’s help and wisdom I came through them to a better place. Honestly I feel more at peace today then I ever have. I am a better mother, but also a better me. Her work on identity is priceless. It was messy and hard but so worth it all. I have fresh hope these days.”
~ Donna

“I finally feel at home in my life again.”

“I am retired career military and have suffered from PTSD for over 10 years. I have been through addiction, 3 stays in rehab and lots of mediocre help from the VA. The work Faith did with me on my PTSD was life changing. I sleep through the night without night terrors, don’t jump and stay on high alert in public like I used to. I know how to respond if I do get triggered. Life isn’t perfect but I am better. I finally feel at home in my life again. This little woman with red hair helped a crusty vet feel like living again. Thank you Faith!”
~ Ben

“Faith is an expert at working with old pain. I was able to share my childhood secret of sexual abuse for the first time with her. That was a new beginning for me. “

“Sometimes God uses present day trauma to dig up the roots of past hurts.” Faith said this to me when I came to see her after ending a really abusive relationship. I could have just tried to start over but instead I pushed pause and did the hard work to ensure I didnt make the same choices again. I didnt want what happened to me to have the power to take from me anymore. Faith is an expert at working with old pain. I was able to share my childhood secret of sexual abuse for the first time with her. That was a new beginning for me. I could feel it then and am living it now. My relationship with God is so personal and everyday now. When she prayed with me I felt his love for me and continue to discover new things about him every day! Her book UnNormal has a chapter titled, “Garden Living” – that is my story! She helped God clean up my garden! If you haven’t read the book – get it! As you can tell I am a fan of Faith’s work!”
~ Lysa

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