Extend a Lifeline today.

Lifelines is a charitable program of Intersections for Healing. Intersections is safe space for individuals and families to experience freedom, healing and understanding. For those who have experience a life changing crisis or a long buried childhood wound, It is a place to work on how their identity has been hijacked. We not only work on freedom but helping you find the tools to live from an authentic place.

Through charitable gifts provided by private donors and grants, Lifelines provide partial scholarships for counseling services, educational opportunities, and healing experiences for those who cannot afford them.

Perhaps your life has been changed by counseling. A financial gift to Lifelines is a way of paying it forward for those who struggle to find the means to experience what therapy and intervention did for you.

You have the opportunity  to throw a lifeline to someone else who is struggling emotionally or mentally and provide for them the safe place to open up, life-changing healing,  and the tools that they need to grow again.

To donate click on the donate button below, or send your check made out to UWCI with “Lifelines Scholarship” denoted on the memo line. Mail to:

United With Christ, Int.

1025 Robinson Road

Johnson City, NY 13790




Meet the need of those who have suffered from crisis and trauma, who do not have the means to pay the established fee for services of a professional. Addressing mental health, spiritual health and emotional wellbeing in a manner that brings healing and restoration to their life.

Criteria for consideration

Framework: Client must have suffered a recent crisis or have a diagnosis of trauma related to a past crisis. Must be able to commit to weekly or bi-weekly sessions for at least 6 sessions.

Fee Structure: Must be able to pay a small fee for session to invest their own resources in the service provided as a matter of value and personal investment. Services will not be given without this base fee paid by client unless it has previously been determined they are indigent and unable to pay for basic needs of life such as rent, food, transportation. Client must provide confirmation of this need with 2 or more documents or references from service providers.


Faith Allison Mascato, LPT, CTC is a licensed and ordained minister with a masters diploma in Biblical Counseling and certifications in Crisis and Trauma, and life coaching. She has over 25 years of experience working with people in crisis in faith based environments as a Pastor with experience in the medical field, as well as providing counseling services. She provides individual therapy, workshops, and group experiences. She is passionate about the Church and community’s role in providing support for the ways that crisis and trauma hinder our mental health and reshape structures of belief that support identity. 

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