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Not representative of a type, group or class; without all the typical evidence; unusual in manner, appearance or purpose.

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This book is a little bit of my story and a whole lot of God’s story.

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UNNORMAL by Faith Allison

I invite you into the brokenness of my life only to magnify the greatness of God’s glory as I have found him in my own story. If you dare to read through my ugly seasons in life you will find the beauty of a God who loves us no matter where we are at. He made you to be a part of a diverse family so much more expansive then you may realize!

This family is a generational lineage of sons and daughters that flows from the heart of God. It spans the entire globe and its story is found in every generation of humanity. Your story matters! It is part of that family’s glory! You don’t have to be alone. You don’t have to hide your pain. Perhaps it is meant to be exposed to light, like mine was. May this story - mine and God’s, challenge you. May you find healing in its pages.

Faith Allison

Faith Allison is a Pastor, Life Coach, Trauma Specialist, Author of “UnNormal”. Her therapy practice Intersections for Healing provides a multitude of services for both individuals and groups of people. It is a space where people come to be seen, known and loved.

With over 20 years of ministry training under one of the largest church bodies in Central New York she has first hand experience in many of the issues and struggles leaders experience. She has worked with both leaders in church ministry as well as those in corporate offices. She is known for being a safe harbor for those bearing secrets that are deconstructing their life from the inside out. Her own life is a story of fractured brokenness made whole. Faith is a survivor of childhood trauma, rape, and addiction.

In 2001 her passion and purpose intersected while on a medical missions trip to Kenya. This trip became a historical hinge point in her life where she found her voice had an impact and her life the ability to construct hope for change in the lives of others.

Celebrated for her candid conversational tone, she is a dynamic speaker, gifted storyteller and a champion of the hopeless. Her style incorporates vulnerable storytelling and practical wisdom that breaks the stigma surrounding healing the soul that survivors of trauma often face. You can expect refreshing transparency and enlightening strategies whether a faith based environment or a human services capacity.

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